7 Things Not to Do to Your Suit

In the past, men used to wear a suit just for some special occasions such as marriage parties. However, today life has changed, and so have our ways of clothing.

Nowadays, men tend to put on a suit daily at their working places, at dinner meetings, and while traveling.

A classic and elegant suit can cost you a lot. Therefore, taking good care of it is a must. But how can you do that?

In this article, we are going to answer you and show you some suit mistakes that, I am sure, you are making unconsciously.

Why You Should Wear a Suit?

Well, in the modern’s world, appearance matters. But other than these reasons, there are several ones.

1- Build Confidence

When wearing a suit, men tend to be more comfortable and confident. They feel and look astonishing, spectacular, and handsome. Therefore, they can succeed with anything they do.

2- Forever Outfit

As time passes and mindsets change, fashion tends to change as well. But a suit will always be the number one trend. That is, if you have a suit, you will wear it for a long time as it is a timeless outfit.

Why You Should Take Care of Your Suit?

Firstly, your suit is too expensive. No one will give some hundred or thousand dollars and then throw it indifferently.

On the other hand, your image is highly important, especially in your workplace. A good suit will project a good image of yourself.

Moreover, you surely want your suit to last as long as possible whether because you are in love with it, or because you give a lot from what you have to afford it.

In any way, you need to look after your suit. To do so, consider following those seven steps to protect your clothes and enjoy many years of optimal use.

1- Using the Back of the Chair as a Hanger for Your Jacket

You have surely done this before. Several men do it while in the office. This will mar the shape of the jacket. Choose a real and appropriate hanger instead. If you find yourself in a situation where there are no other alternatives, you can fold your jacket over the back of the chair.

2- Utilize a Wire Hanger

Do not use a wire hanger to hang your weighted garments and more structured garments including your suits and jackets.

A wire hanger does not give support to your jacket’s shoulders as it is too thin. Moreover, these types of hangers can tarnish and leave a permanent stain on your suit.

A wide shoulder suit hanger is a perfect option for hanging your jacket.

3- Not Using Garment Bags To Store Your Suit

When you buy a new suit, you can notice that it comes with a plastic, non-woven, or nylon bag. Do not ever think of keeping your jacket in such bags as they do not breathe. Similarly, hanging it directly in your closet may not protect it.

Try to use cotton suit garment bags. They have several benefits. They are natural, breathable, acid-free, and strong fabric. They will certainly protect your suit.

4- Take Your Suit without a Suit Carrier

If you have a business meeting in a place away from home and you need to take your suit with you, use a suit carrier. The latter is a piece of luggage that enables you to carry your suit separately instead of putting it with other clothes.

A suit carrier will protect the shape of your suit.

5- Improper Folding

If you have no other alternatives besides putting your suit in your luggage bag, you should make sure to fold it properly. Otherwise, you will ruin the shape of your suit. As a result, you will not be able to wear it on the desired day.

Many ways of folding can be found. 2 main methods include “Fold” and “Roll.”

6- Putting on the Same Suit Every Day

When you overuse a single item, it loses its value. The same applies when it comes to your suit. Try not to wear the same suit each day to preserve its lifespan. Think of having some other suits so you will have many options to choose from not just one.

7- Buttoning Your Jacket While Sitting Down

Once you sit down, do not forget to unbutton your jacket. Firstly, this will allows you to sit comfortably. At the same time, you will preserve your jacket’s buttons from popping.

Sitting with a bottomed jacket may put much pressure on the last button of your suit, which leads to having your suit stretch.


How you look is essential, particularly in your workplace, when attending an important meeting, or even on your wedding day. A suit will be a great option. To look good, you have to take good care of your suit as it shows how organized you are. Try to follow the steps mentioned in this article if you want your expensive suit to last for long.